FTO Coaching Model Training & Certification

The FTOAcademy is a self-paced online training system to Train and Certify Field Training Officers in the Coaching Model of Field Training.

FTOAcademy provides the same training as in-person courses with the benefits of a private user forum to post questions and receive answers from subject matter experts and fellow Field Training Officers.

FTOAcademy training is Certified by a National Certification agency.

We are currently building ftoacademy.com
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Status of our build…

  • WebsiteCompleted December 2023
  • Private User Forum Completed January 2024
  • Document RepositoryCompleted January 2024
  • Courses & LessonsIn Progress
  • Beta Test – Expected Late June 2024
  • Launch – Expected July-Aug 2024

For those officers who are unable to attend class in-person, we built the FTOAcademy, our online system to train and certify you as a Field Training Officer (FTO) for the Coaching Model of Field Training.

Bruce Sokolove – Field Training Associates

…learn COPFTO while you obtain certification as an FTO:

The FTOAcademy is tightly integrated with COPFTO allowing you to immediately practice what you learn in our online systems. Our online user form is a great way to post questions and receive answers from fellow Field Training Officer across the USA.

Greg Glickauf – COPFTO